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Overheard at EdTech Engage

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Overheard at EdTech Engage

October 12, 2017


On October 5 – 6 the inaugural EdTech Engage symposium brought together students, faculty, tech partners, and industry thinkers to explore the innovative space where AI intersects with higher education both within and beyond Penn State. See below for a compilation of quotes and sentiments overheard throughout the event.

“I believe the future belongs to those who innovate. Together we can work to drive transformation in education.”
– Daren Coudriet, Director, Penn State EdTech Network

“We need to act now and prepare our students for success in an AI world.”
– Craig Weidemann, Special Assistant to the Provost for Innovation and Education Technology Initiatives, Penn State

“It’s amazing to see how much is going on at Penn State all at one time.”
– Chris Gamrat, Instructional Designer, Penn State

“I wish the EdTech Network was around earlier in my college career.”
– Michael Morelli, Nittany Watson Challenge Team Member, Penn State alumnus

“Bottom line is that innovation is an integral and fundamental part of Penn State’s identity.”
– Nick Jones, Executive Vice Provost and President, Penn State

"Don't think about digital labor as attacking your job, think about it as a partner." 
– Jonathan Crane, Chief Commercial Officer, IPSoft

“AI is useful, but human to human interaction is essential to education.”
Melissa Hicks, Director of the Office of Digital Learning, Penn State

“IBM sees a new partnership between man and machine, not man versus machine.”
– Catherine Solazzo, Vice President, Worldwide Developer Engagement, IBM Digital Business Group, IBM

“We have the idea that AI will solve education. But what are the social & ethical implications?”
– Alan Wagner, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering & Rock Ethics Research Associate, Penn State

“We need good data strategy and to understand how to implement digital assistants in the future.”
– Renata Engel, Interim Vice Provost for Online Education, Penn State

“We’re on the precipice of incredible change with Machine Learning and AI.
– Jonathan Donaldson, Technical Director, Google Cloud

“What a great way to introduce the EdTech Network to the world! Enjoyed every moment today and mostly the chance to meet and make new connections!”
– Larry Ragan, Principal Community Aggregator, Penn State EdTech Network

“450 miles, 36 hours, and endless possibilities for AI to change student success. We are all in.”
– Richard Calhoun, Principal Product Manager, Hobsons

“I enjoyed presenting and listening at EdTech Engage. Thanks to Penn State EdTech Network for organizing a symposium on AI and machine learning in higher education.”
– John Cheslock, Associate Professor, Penn State

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