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Past Penn State EdTech Network – Dreamit Startups to Attend Venture Connection

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Past Penn State EdTech Network – Dreamit Startups to Attend Venture Connection

October 4, 2016

The Penn State EdTech Network and Dreamit will be in attendance at the Invent Penn State Venture and IP Conference on October 6-7, 2016  Starting in spring 2016, the EdTech Network and Dreamit partnered to create an accelerator focused on educational technology. Eight startups from the spring 2016 accelerator program will be in attendance at the Venture Connection, in addition to the seven startups from the fall 2016 program that are participating in the Customer Immersion.

Venture Connection is the event at the center of the Penn State VIP. In this innovative format, investors will host tables to meet with groups of entrepreneurs that have been matched with them based on capital needs, industry and other key criteria. Each session will be broken into 20 minute segments giving each investor the chance to meet with multiple capital-seeking, well-screened startups. We are excited to showcase the following spring 2016 accelerator startups at the Venture Connection:


Ruvna is an online platform making schools safer and smarter. This Washington, DC-based company offers two products to improve school safety. The first helps schools to locate their students in real-time during an emergency, rather than waiting until the emergency is over. The second product helps schools notice trends in the student population before they become problematic.

101 is reimagining the approach for math and science (STEM) higher education by creating a mobile-first, interactive learning platform that combines traditional online homework software with aspects of tutoring to give students everything they need to master their courses in one place. Their vision is to unify the fragmented student learning process making it easier and less time consuming for students to succeed in critical STEM subjects.

Prompt is democratizing access to feedback. This New York-based company enables professionals and students to quickly and easily obtain high-quality feedback on their work. The technology and low overhead gets customers professor-quality feedback at copyediting prices. All feedback is provided by a vetted group of trusted individuals, including professors, Ivy League graduates, and professional writers.

PeopleGrove is the best software platform to grow, maintain and track a thriving mentorship and networking community. The company’s mission is to help young people find the network and mentorship they need to succeed professionally and overcome these challenges.  PeopleGrove is used to match college students with alumni mentors, reconnect with high school classmates, find fellow alumni in new cities, and mentor new employees. 

Tassl is an innovative technology company that creates centralized software solutions to track, inform, connect, and engage alumni networks with the purpose of strengthening university communities across the US and identifying alumni engagement trends and opportunities. Tassl technologies have been developed in collaboration with alumni relation managers, groups, and alumni to meet their specific market demands. Tassl is the most comprehensive technology solution for alumni engagement, which is achieved through a focus on non-traditional engagement activity tracking, outside of monetary donation.

CampusESP helps colleges and universities leverage parent and family involvement to improve student success. Parents and colleges share the same goal of student success, but when it comes to treating parents as partners, schools aren’t sure where to start. They want to be responsive to parent calls and questions, while maintaining student privacy, but resources are limited. CampusESP provides a one stop shop for strategic parent engagement. Colleges can proactively influence student recruitment, student retention and giving, using their student’s biggest advocate: their parent.

Study Abroad Apartments is a marketplace that helps thousands of students from around the world find apartments abroad. The platform enables landlords and agencies to rent apartments in a secure, transparent, and convenient way. The platform streamlines the process by offering verified payment methods, and roommate payment splitting. All properties are verified by the Study Abroad Apartments team to ensure students get what they booked online. Additional services such as airport pickup, drop off laundry, insurance, and cleaning are available to ensure the best experience abroad. All of the apartments are fully serviced with management on the ground providing 24/7 customer support.

University Beyond is a recruitment and management platform for on campus internships and brand ambassador programs. The software connects students with jobs on-campus from startups to Fortune 500 brands. Additionally, it provides employers an all-inclusive dashboard for task management, communication, and payment processing. University Beyond currently works with students on hundreds of campuses nationwide and over 150 brands.

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