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Penn State EdTech Network Benefits from the Most Powerful College Alumni Network

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Penn State EdTech Network Benefits from the Most Powerful College Alumni Network

August 22, 2016

The Penn State Alumni Association is the largest dues-paying alumni association in the world and can now list “the most powerful college alumni network” to its list of accolades. This distinction exemplifies the numerous regional, national, and international opportunities available to students, faculty, alumni, and staff of the University.

Started in 2015, the Penn State EdTech Network is focused on advancing innovation within education and fostering connections amongst audiences to create meaningful relationships that will help change the future of online learning. Appealing primarily to tech companies, entrepreneurs, and Penn State faculty, staff, and students; the Network sees potential in tapping into the larger University network.

“The Penn State EdTech Network is fostering relationships across the university and commonwealth community, creating entrepreneurial and mentoring opportunities by leveraging Penn State’s extensive, active alumni network,” said Daren Coudriet, Penn State EdTech Network Entrepreneur in Residence. “We are looking to partner with innovators on campus and beyond to grow our Network and transform the educational experience for generations to come.”

With the largest freshmen class in the history of Penn State set to rain down on University Park this week, it’s important to harness the tremendous value that students bring to the Network. Not only can they provide a first-hand perspective on the educational technologies they are interfacing with on a daily basis, but they are ultimately the future innovators and leaders of the EdTech industry.

Learn more about the Penn State EdTech Network and becoming a member.

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