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Visually Explore the Immersion Day Kickoff Event

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Visually Explore the Immersion Day Kickoff Event

February 3, 2017

Immersion Day_1.png

An idea between IBM and Penn State’s EdTech Network was transformed into an engaging and educational Immersion Day Kickoff Event on January 19-20, 2017. The Immersion Day Kickoff Event was the official start of the $100,000 Nittany Watson Challenge which is providing Penn State faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to explore the boundaries of artificial intelligence with IBM Watson to improve the student experience. With over 125 attendees both online and in-person, a team of IBM data specialist and developers were on-hand to showcase the power of Watson. Immerse yourself in the experience with the following visual evidence. 

Immersion Day_2.png

Who are we? The Penn State EdTech Network, a vertical of Invent Penn State, facilitates the creation of innovation locally and nationally while supporting continued growth and partnership for the University and State College community. The Immersion Day Kickoff Event was held in the Borough Building in downtown State College and welcomed an array of guests. 

Immersion Day_3.png

The Immersion Day Kickoff Event was open to all Penn State students, faculty, and staff. At the event, participants were able to learn directly from IBM Watson experts, meet others to form teams for the $100,000 Nittany Watson Challenge, and participate in an idea generation design thinking workshop to assist in identifying Watson application. 

Immersion Day_4.png

A team of IBM developers and data scientist provided insight to participants about the power of IBM Watson, a cognitive technology that can understand, reason, learn, and interact like a human. The goal of the $100,000 Nittany Watson Challenge is to have teams develop and present Watson-based solutions that can assist students with challenges they face on a daily basis.

Immersion Day_5.png

The Immersion Day Kickoff Event would not have been possible without the support of COIL, Penn State World Campus, and the IBM Watson team. This cross-unit, multidisciplinary team of visionaries and innovators were integral in planning and preparing the immersion event to showcase the possibilities of a successful union between artificial intelligence and the educational experience. 

Immersion Day_6.png

To learn more about the $100,000 Nittany Watson Challenge, visit the Canvas course, the central hub of communication where you can review submission criteria, get a leg up on the competition with IBM Watson training materials, and so much more.

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